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Jigsaw fence to make a DIY workbench with pallets Bending plywood to woodworking

First of all, cases from gypsum cardboard are good that they can be made even in a bathroom, having used moisture resistant gypsum cardboard. In that case the surface of walls and shelves of a case can be imposed with a mosaic or a ceramic tile. For this purpose it is possible to zashpatlevat simply joints between sheets, to ground surfaces of a case and to execute laying of a tile.

Most often metal profiles are applied to production of a framework, is more rare – a wooden bar which demands an attentive choice of material as its quality will surely affect the end result.

Installation of such case will require rather large number of tools and materials. Among materials:

Having decided to make a case of gypsum cardboard the hands, it is necessary to know some features of this furniture:

For this reason it is better to give preference to metal profiles. Assembly of such framework takes place much more simply and easier that is especially actual if you are a beginner in this case. It is better to use a wooden bar in those places which need the increased durability as in this plan it will be stronger than the metal.

Fastening of HL to profiles takes place in the same way, as well as installation of gypsum cardboard when facing ceilings and walls:

After assembly of a framework of a case it is possible to begin a covering of its HL which is made as with external, and from the inside. But if the case is small, it is possible to manage only an external covering. It is worth remembering that the more a case, the more load of its internal walls and regiments. Therefore it is recommended to be sheathed in two layers of gypsum cardboard.

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If you decided to stop the choice on a framework from a wooden bar, pay attention to its appearance and a state. The tree has to be absolutely dry, shrunk. Otherwise the wooden framework will shrink that will lead to deformation. As a result, gypsum plasterboards too can crack or be deformed.

As soon as the project is developed, checked, and also all inaccuracies and errors are corrected, it is possible to start assembly of a framework.