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Easy to make a wood slat ceiling 30 ideas for father's day

This model is figurative — it can always be rearranged on other, more convenient place. That it always stood exactly and did not shake, at installation of support it is necessary to watch an exact arrangement of details – even small discrepancy will cause a product distortion.

Color of details can be changed, using impregnation or a varnish of more dark shade

It is possible to think over a decorative frame: the garden bench executed by the hands not bad looks in an environment of the low blossoming bushes, specially arranged beds, on a small eminence or on a platform from a natural stone or paving slabs.

It is simply to record legs of a bench: it is necessary to dig holes of the necessary size and to fill them with cement mortar, having lowered wooden details there

If there are difficulties with drawing up the sketch, it is possible to use the ready drawing of a garden bench.

This option more thorough, than previous. The bench with a rectangular seat and the same back perfectly looks against the house built of any material – a tree, a brick, a stone.

If to collect the remains of wooden products and preparations from all giving, it is possible to think up unusual model

For a change it is possible to change color, to pick up the shade closer to country constructions. A back of such bench – the real find for fans to dream up and embody the ideas in wood. Direct vertical whetstones can be replaced with the levels located cross-wise.