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How to use pipe clamps for packing

The dimensional frame serves only for control of design dimensions. It is convenient to tie panels to it.

Starting designing a product, you always know its dimensions: width, height and depth. Surely enter values of these parameters having pressed the button which is on the left panel. It will help you when designing. First you will trace product dimensions, and secondly the sizes of panels which you will place, will undertake at once according to the set parameters. Width, height and depth of a product are set in millimeters. The step of a grid can be not set. If set, in a dimensional frame the grid which knots can be used for positioning of a marker will be drawn.

Set width = 400 mm, height of =600 mm, depth = 400 mm and press the Execute button.

As an example it is offered to create a design of the bedside table presented in drawing to make an assembly drawing, working drawings of details, material cutting charts, to calculate quantity and cost of materials, and cost of works.

Before placing the panel it is necessary to set material of which it is made.

In the top part the main menu, a line of installations of parameters, a line of inquiries, the current coordinates and a notebook with groups of teams is located. In the left part the panel with teams of a choice of material of panels, type of panels, switchings between types and tasks of dimensions of a product is located. On a notebook of teams the Furniture group is initiated and the button M is pressed. If to wring out it, the panel will be gone in the left part of the screen.

Bedside table material - a chipboard a beech, a back wall - a hardboard.

Now on the screen for the sake of appearances in front the rectangle with dimensions of 400*600 mm will always be visible, when switching by sight at the left its dimensions will be 600*400, and for the sake of appearances from above - 400*400. In the left bottom corner of a rectangle the beginning of local system of coordinates is represented. For the sake of appearances from above it will be in the left top corner. From this point marker coordinates are counted.

Dimensions can be changed at any moment, and it will not affect already created design in any way.