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Is admissible to carry out procedure after the first frosts. You should not be fond of excessive spraying of plants. Excess chemical components can do much harm to them, but not bring benefit.

Often beginning gardeners make a serious mistake – carry out spraying in the early autumn. As a result leaves fall down earlier, than usually. On a trunk there are burns reducing resistance of trees to frosts. The optimum period of processing – the end of October – the beginning of November.

Besides the listed advantages urea is effective fertilizer which provides apple-trees with all necessary substances.

It is forbidden to mix a carbamide with chalk, superphosphate and lime.

The carbamide serves as good fertilizer for apple-trees. The main advantage – the content of nitrogen which is quickly absorbed by root system of a tree. As a result saplings quickly grow, take healthy appearance, well transfer frosts. At nitric starvation productivity considerably decreases, and fruits fall down ahead of time.

The died-off or struck bark fragments, lichens are removed by means of a metal brush, a shovel or simply hands. So solution of urea will quicker get to the source of a problem.

Most simply kolonovidny grades give in to processing. They are characterized by the low growth therefore it is only enough to bypass round each plant and to spray structure on their surface. It is more difficult to work with young saplings. It is important that solution of urea got on all parts of an apple-tree: trunk, branches, top, krone.

The structure for spraying prepares from urea and water. The standard dosage is considered 500 - 700 of a carbamide on a water bucket (10 l). Solution carefully mixes up, and then is several times filtered through a gauze.