Woodwork For Living Room And Bedroom

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Near a toilet bowl it is possible to place a case or a curbstone with regiments, such furniture will be suitable for big bathrooms more. Quite often near a toilet bowl place the rolling-out box, such arrangement is very convenient to get from there the necessary thing. At will it is possible to sew up a niche over installation gypsum cardboard or to close a mirror.

At a choice of this type of a design, it is necessary to make carefully all measurements to exclude possible cracks or other defects.

​​​​​ At production of a case in a toilet it is necessary to stop a choice on the most convenient and functional models, besides such product should not be allocated from the general color scale. At a choice of color it is better to give preference to gentle, pastel tones, they perfectly will be suitable for the room of the small size.

In case the toilet has the big sizes, it is possible to pick up absolutely other option. In the big room it is possible to place not only a hinged case, but also a case or a curbstone.

Let's consider, what materials it is better to choose at independent production of a locker for a bathroom. The product is made in a toilet therefore for sanitary rooms it is necessary to choose materials which are not afraid of the increased humidity. If the toilet is the certain room, but is not combined with a bathroom, in such rooms it is possible not to be afraid of moisture. The material choice for finishing of separate toilets will be big, than at the combined bathroom option.

For those who adheres to practice feng shui, for coloring of lockers and other elements in the room it is possible to use shades which are combined with water, such as blue, white, green.

The furniture in a toilet should be done taking into account the room sizes. The small locker will perfectly look in a small toilet, also narrow regiments over a toilet bowl will harmoniously look here.

It is necessary to approach installation of the built-in lockers more carefully as such designs settle down directly near pipes and condensate or an insignificant leak can lead to material damage.

At a choice of the sizes of a product it is necessary to remember that lockers in a toilet should not take a lot of place. Especially the sizes of a product are actual at arrangement of small rooms.

The locker executed in contrast tones will also well look in a toilet. Such accent site will create visibility of the spacious room.