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11 beginner tips to make small wooden box easy

It is easy to receive a semicircle from the used punch. The chisel for corners will turn out from any profiled tool. The file will also become an excellent source code for a joiner's chisel. Files become a basis for creation of the thin tool.

For an edge it is possible to take: A mill on metal. Among other preparations, this possesses sufficient rigidity, well holds sharpening. Drills on metal will become a basis for narrow mini-chisels.

Klyukarza reminds a semicircular chisel with only that difference that its working part is rounded off not only on an edge end face, but also on a core. It promotes more accurate movement of the tool on wooden preparation. In turn klyukarza can have rounded off, coal, the direct face cutting part.

It is used for cutting of longitudinal flutes and preprocessing of preparations. The angular chisel looks as 2 close planes of an edge under a different corner, such use for cutting of V-shaped dredging.

Klyopiki — mini-chisels on a tree with thin sharpening of a narrow edge in the form of a sharp leaflet. Use the adaptation when the tool of the usual size cannot put drawing with the necessary accuracy. A nail — too a version pass chisels for are sharp thin fragments, but more roundish — the narrow end face has a curve. The return chisels and klyukarza are equipped with convex dredging for creation of the coming-out drawing over the plane of the main cloth.

For the handle we will take a wooden bar. He is much more reliable than plastic and in a hand sits more surely. We will consider ways of creation of professional chisels from improvised materials. Let's prepare the tool: A cutting torch on metal; Passatizhi and nippers; Capacity with water for an ostuzheniye of the heated metal.

And it is possible to make it directly in kitchen over the gas stove. For their production it is used any profile product from strong steel. Already described ways cut off excess metal and sharpen preparations under the necessary corner. The tool can be made and by method of bending of preparation of any form, however, for are sharp rigid wood such will not approach. A chisel for woodcarving: types of the tool and ways of production by the hands.

The more sharply the cutting torch corner is less, the deeper dredging turns out. Semicircular chisels for woodcarving are one of the main kinds of the tool.