Wood Inlay For Absolute Beginners

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Having made efforts, it is possible to make even what earlier never faced. Therefore having aimed, to turn out even to equip all apartment with own hands furniture.

That the design was strong and durable, it is necessary to pay attention to a framework. For simplification of work use the drawing, the project of a framework under a case. It will allow to create most precisely demanded details and forms.

The furniture which will help to make so that kitchen was comfortable, has to be thought carefully over. The project of future furniture for the room intended for meal is for this purpose drawn. For the drawing it will be required:

These tools and materials are obligatory to create kitchen cases on gypsum cardboard.

That without difficulties to embody in reality conceived, it is necessary to get and prepare important tools, and also materials. Before hanging up kitchen cases in finished form on a wall, it is bought:

Anyway each parameter needs to be transferred to the drawing with an accuracy that in the course of preparation of details for kitchen lockers, there were no problems.

Lockers can be square, rectangular, oval and even round, the main thing that the idea was interesting to owners of the apartment or house.

Each stage is important in the course of installation of a case the hands for own room. In video it is shown full process of installation of a case of gypsum cardboard is shown.