Where To Make Straight Rip Cuts With Your Jigsaw

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That walls did not sag so far I will drill them and that the corner was exactly 90 degrees on the relation to each other I inserted future shelf inside.

After walked the iron at once it is carried out by a rag on all length of an edge strongly pressing it, t.o. we squeeze out excess glue, we improve quality of gluing together and we cool an edge.

We tear off the hanging-down edge slices from two parties and on all length we cut off surplus of an edge. I use for this purpose the ordinary pallet since he not sharp to damage a laminate on a chipboard, but cuts paper perfectly well, it is correct to pick up the main thing a corner and a kromochka will be accurately displaced by a ribbon.

We pull together all konfirmatam. On the termination we remove clamps. But in the course of drilling constantly check that panels did not slip and all your design did not warp since at the end will correct already late your curbstone under an aquarium.

With a drill on 7 mm we do everything on technology. For those who never worked with a chipboard and does not know its properties: if you neglect drilling 7mm a drill, at a vkruchivaniye of a konfirmat split a chipboard and your curbstone made the hands will be spoiled.

To reach the maximum quality it is possible to walk still a small nazhdachka on a buska on gluing together perimeter. Here the main thing especially not to rub, 2-3 movements with a moderate clip, I use a nazhdachka granularity 300.

At first we bore through a drill on 4.8 on depth of a konfirmat if a drill long that it is possible to wind with an insulating tape or a paper adhesive tape it at length of a konfirmat + 5mm for emergency. I did not wind since my drill was a little longer than konfirmat. If the opening is less than length of a konfirmat that you risk to spoil a chipboard at a vvorachivaniye.