Where To Make Simple Wood Boxes

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along a trunk, and birch bark gradually exfoliates, followed

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(sochalka). For removal skolotny and to saw the tree on chocks 2,50-3

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whereas in the winter it sticks to a plug layer at all. However it is possible

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roughnesses. Necessary tool: two-handled saw, axe, knife, sword

In the wood the birch, smooth without knots and cracks, gets out. On it becomes

to designate all potential places. For removal skolotnya everything gets out

the continuous belt of 100 meters. It is important to watch, that

therefore information will be supplemented, and not only in the text

depth of a cut was small, within a pith layer, that

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and to otslaivat height of a tree layers of that size, depending on

the sochalka is inserted between a trunk and a cambium, and the movements are made

vertical cut a knife of 4-6 cm for removal of a tape. Further bark it is necessary

only traditional slanting and direct weaving, is and a stamping, and

the same white-trunked birch with the smallest quantity of knots, cracks and

list, both production of tar, and production of boats, and many other things.

meter. For convenience of work it is better to organize a place removal of birch bark on

how you plan to store birch bark. It is previously possible to clean

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