Where To Make A Beautiful Slab Table

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As for material selection, here the main criterion is quality. LDSP — durable and practical material with the laminated covering will become classical option. It is also possible to execute also furniture from the massif though this option is much more expensive.

The curbstone on a balcony is most often made by the hands of the same material, as the main finishing of the room. Most often it is the MDF panels, plastic and wooden lining — the materials steady against the increased humidity and temperature differences. And here laminated by a chipboard it is worth applying only on the warmed balconies as humidity indicators are very important for this material. It is important that any of these finishings practically does not limit you in color schemes or in a choice of the invoices corresponding to design of a balcony or loggia.

In a curbstone the shelves necessary for storage of various subjects are carried out. Often there are enough two shelves.

Important: Any type of furniture will keep the original form and will serve long only on the glazed balcony. And it is better if it is also it is warmed.

So, we will consider step by step how to make a bedside table on a balcony the hands:

Process of assembly of a curbstone quite simple, and as a result you receive the qualitative furniture which is excellently using free space on a balcony.

The initial stage — it always drawing up the project, and then — calculation of necessary materials and their acquisition. So, if you do a curbstone of LDSP, you will need sheets of material of necessary dimensions, a face tape, high-quality accessories (fastenings, loops or directing, handles, support). As for tools, are surely used: