Where To Keep Your Stuff In

A total beginner's guide to know how to make

In power to make such open case even to the inexperienced master. It is possible to call the option presented on an illustration not a case, but a rack more likely, but at desire from a window it can be closed by plastic panels or the curtain fixed in the top part of a design. Usually for this purpose the Roman design of curtains or blinds which from the street will look the equal panel gets out. The front part of a rack too will want to be closed over time as all things put on shelves will create feeling of a disorder. For this purpose simpler and most cheaper to choose curtains, but it is also possible to use the blinds made of aluminum.

The main thing – to expose basic whetstones for shelves ideally horizontally, and at identical height relatively each other — this process is controlled on construction level. Otherwise, in case of a mistake, regiments will go naperekos, and all design will look extremely inaccurately.

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Both the natural tree, and plastic panels will be suitable for a construction of such accurate locker

Open regiments on a balcony — it is the simplest option of the improvised case with several wide and capacious offices which will perfectly fit in at a face wall of the room. It is rather easy to fix a framework for shelves on a wall, a ceiling and a floor and after vertical elements of a design are fastened by horizontal crossing points – supports for shelves, all design will gain necessary rigidity.

The elementary materials and tools, maximum of diligence and patience – and without special expenses your windows will decorate blinds accordion pleats, the Roman or Venetian curtains. How independently to make blinds on windows of fabric – it is in detail told in the special publication of our portal.