Using Jigs To Make A Twin Screw Vise

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After caps are ready, it is possible to paste simply them on PVA glue or waterproof sealant – if the bench settles down on the street all the year round.

It is very important to choose sufficient depth. After a niche it is accurately filled in with mix of PVA glue and small shaving. Or the round elements suitable by the size pasted in a niche are made. In such a way it is possible to make a garden bench of the most esthetic.

All elements of a garden bench have to be made of a tree strictly according to the sizes specified on drawings. Discrepancy even in some millimeters will result in the subsequent need of alteration of all design, straightening of details of a garden bench will be required.

When all necessary elements are ready for a garden bench, it is necessary only to connect reliably them among themselves. This stage is not less important, than all others. It is possible to execute connection in various ways. The following hardware elements are most often applied:

To execute connection of elements of a garden bench from a tree by means of bolts, it is necessary to prepare a drill, and also a drill of the corresponding diameter. It has to be slightly more, than diameter of the used bolts. It will allow to insert them without special difficulties. If the size of an opening is more than diameter of a hat of a bolt and a nut, it is necessary to use special washers.

It is important to choose impregnation, the structure possessing the getting action. It includes different acrylic resins and other additives. All this is often kneaded on the special antiseptic structure preventing rotting and defeat of different tree insects. That is especially actual in a garden.