Using Jigs To Cut A Dovetail Joint By Hand

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Wood has to be qualitative. For a bench it is necessary to choose elements without knots, cracks, rotten sites. Convenience of processing and connection of details, and also service life of a finished product depend on it.

Special attention: only the seasoned wood approaches to start works. A crude board — the reason of deformation of a bench and its destruction at change of weather conditions. Before processing material needs to be dried up carefully.

To buy smart street furniture – now very few people can allow such ruin of a purse. To make a bench the hands according to drawings – threefold advantage:

Wooden surfaces of a seat and back have to be carefully ground. The functional planes of a bench can be a different form: direct or curved for giving of beauty and bigger convenience. For example, the back part of a seat can be made in the form of the boat, and edges of a seat and a back round off. Achieve result change in the drawing of a form of cross beams (the upper edges cut out a wave).

Breed is limited to nothing: to make a garden bench for giving, any available wood will approach. An oak – the strongest, but heavy. If to stand to a bench all life in one place, it is better to choose it.

Pine – an optimum choice for any options of products. It – the most widespread building material: wood it will be simple to find houses or to get on the next base; available at the price, moderately strong, is less pliable to influence of temperatures. Use also a linden, a larch and other breeds.

Wood – the most suitable material to make a bench the hands. It is caused by its qualities: