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7 ways to build a wooden box with a lid

We suggest to read, about that how to make an arbor and a swing the hands.

Of what material you would not decide to do a bench that it was most convenient, at its construction it is necessary to observe certain proportions:

The eco-friendly garden furniture, and not only bench, but also chairs and even little table can be made of previously soaked rods of a willow or a rod. It is also possible to use branches of a hazel grove, a willow, an aspen or even a birch, however in the last cases the product will serve much less and to look will be more rough.

We described only the elementary options of production of a garden bench. It is possible to make it practical of any materials:

It is much simpler to buy a bench for a garden, of course. Especially as most the simplest of them cost not much enough.

It is better to carry out a back and a seat of a garden bench not a continuous cloth, and to make small distance between plates. In that case rain water from them will flow down completely, boards – it is better to be blown, and the product will be less subject to rotting: