Tool Box Cookies For Packing

How to prep for kitchen

Ballot boxes can be ottonirovat simply powder of a black or simple pencil, by a dry-brush method as we did it with toning of boards for benches.

For construction of shops from a tree, mobile and not mobile it is possible to apply to legs the rounded round preparations from a tree as they are steady and practical. It is possible to buy them in any construction supermarket. The most economic are pine kruglyash with a smooth surface. Boards will be suitable for seats and a back of a shop, for armrests it is possible to buy whetstones from a tree.

It is a little patience, and the elementary MAFY for the square or a small platform are made.

Here so, from small slices of plastic, having shown the imagination and having spent a little time it is possible to recover the square, a playground, the house adjoining territory on your model.

It is necessary to take in attention and exterior finish of a garden bench. On data the moment exists a big variety of different paints, varnishes for all coverings finally to finish appearance of a product.