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Kitchen cabinet design for under $75

According to cards of a cut on the sheet LDSP of a format 2440kh1830mm it is visible that to do a children's bed by the hands without, say, additional curbstone, a small rack or a working little table it is unprofitable – there is a big rest.

Let's give an example of calculation of the detailing on a bed the hands in overall dimensions 750kh2000kh850mm if for production to use usual laminated by a chipboard thickness 16mm. Calculation is extremely simple – at desire you will be able to count with ease the detailing for the smaller size, under LDSP thickness 18mm, 24mm or plywood.

On the other hand, there is an opportunity to make a bed in a combination with other LDSP color or to dokomplektovat it drawers.

It is optional to tortsevat a supplementary bottom of a children's bed on perimeter. But if decided to roll up all open end faces as it is provided in calculation of the detailing, it is necessary to leave small gaps on thickness of an edge and opportunity freely to pull out the bottom in case of need.

And also to supplement a basic design with drawers and the second circle.

Yaroshevich Elena. Copywriter, designer-designer of cabinet furniture

On its basis, making the minimum changes to registration of sidewalls, the forward panel and a back it is possible to receive really interesting options. For example, as on the photos of children's beds given below the hands.

Laminated by a chipboard – the most simple and inexpensive material which can be used for production of children's cabinet furniture. The main thing to be convinced available the certificate and an appropriate level of issue at which it is possible not to be afraid for health of the child. In more detail about qualitative characteristics of LDSP it is possible to read here.

The case of a bed gathers separately, for konfirmata, stoyevy sidewalls are put on flat thrust bearings. The framework is also pulled together with konfirmata and fastens to the case from within on self-tapping screws 4kh30mm or furniture couplers.