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5 places to build a wood bed

The top circle can be fixed on a wall. The lower bed can be equipped with castors.

The special attention needs to be paid to installation of a protection because it will be able to create some guarantees of safety for children. The protection can be made of strong boards which will be fixed on the racks placed in vertical situation. In this case self-tapping screws are twisted from the inside. It is worth meaning that in a protection there has to be an opening for a ladder which conducts on the top circle.

It is necessary to cut laminated by a chipboard on the street. This material has the specifics in this connection it is required to make some changes to the production technology of a design. The bunk bed for children from laminated by a chipboard will have much bigger weight in comparison with a wooden design thanks to what the bed will be steadier.

The vertical ladder is made rather simply, it will take less places if to compare to a ladder which settles down under an inclination. First of all two bars which will be able to direct the movement of children in the course of rise or descent are fixed. Steps need to be recorded reliably bolts which have length of 6 mm. Long bolts are used for fixing of the top step and at the same time fix a ladder to a bed.

That there was an opportunity to make a two-storeyed bed the hands of high quality, from materials it is necessary to use not only a chipboard, but also an edge, glue, sanding paper. It will be necessary to get also a tree which is used for the ladder conducting on the second floor.

If for production of a bunk bed for children it is used laminated by a chipboard, it is not required to carry out alignment, grinding and a covering a material varnish. Instead it is only necessary to process and paste an edge at the edges of a chipboard. Thanks to similar the chipboard can make a beautiful bed the hands for a short period. It is necessary to know that laminated by a chipboard has the good durability and wear resistance.

Bunk beds the friend can dispose adjacently to the friend. Thus the big space in the room is saved.