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As for insects, it is worth being afraid first of all of a small bug of a wood borer, a mine wood bug, the house man with a big mustache. It should be noted that superficial wormholes (the courses and openings made in wood by insects) the up to 3 mm in depth do not influence mechanical properties of wood; deeper — break integrity of wood and at mass distribution reduce its durability. Besides, the wormhole can entail wood defeat by zabolonny decay and cause zabolonny mushroom coloring.

However this formula is not always fair: the less than moisture — the better. At constant humidity more than 70% the harmful flora and fauna also substantially lose activity. Thanks to it still there are both Venice, and some mansions along Fontanka. Living enemies

Unique natural color of a tree is unfortunately vulnerable and short-lived. Dampness, temperature drops, a fungus and blue — all this can destroy completely in the beginning a wood charm, and then and its other remarkable properties. About methods of fight against this evil the speech will also go.

The mechanism of action of fire-prevention impregnation can be described as follows. Under the influence of a flame fire-retarding agent decays on gaseous and firm products. Gaseous take away heat (cool it) from wood and interfere with burning, and firm — form a continuous film on a surface, blocking access of the oxygen necessary for fire maintenance.

Modern wood preservatives can be subdivided into two main groups. The first includes the antiseptiruyushchy impregnations representing solution of salts or some other substances — fungicides, algitsid and the combined products. Similar preparations demand the subsequent processing of a surface (for example, it is delicious) in order to avoid washing away, evaporation antiseptics. The antiseptiruyushchy substances forming a protective film on a wood surface belong to the second group. Additional processing of a wooden surface it is not required. Production of both groups is issued both on a water basis, and on the basis of organic solvents.