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In an ideal, the problem of garden furniture consists not only in ensuring comfort, but also in decoration of a country interior. Therefore, it is important that the bench created independently was in harmony with a surrounding landscape.

Along with it, it is necessary to prepare make-shifts: actually, clay, and also water, sand, straw, brushes and paint.

If to compare clay to other materials, it becomes clear that at clay the mass of advantages and even advantages:

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Better if it is not simple a piece of furniture, and the thing made with soul, made the hands. Especially as make-shifts for this purpose at dacha are always enough.

Because, it is easy to process a tree and necessary tools will be in each house: plane, drill, hammer, axe, bolts, screws, self-tapping screws and PVA glue.

Not less available material is considered also a stone. Such benches cast epic motives and therefore, look very exotically.

Now it is possible to knead solution: one part of sand and one part of straw is added to four parts of clay. Then we knead, gradually adding water until solution becomes similar to abrupt dough. We do small spheres of this mix, skatyvay in palms and we apply them on a framework. So gradually, the bench is step by step formed.

Benches can be made of clay also more functional. For example, in a complex with the furnace, in the form of addition to an arbor. It not only very convenient option for picnics, but also pleasant heat of seats of a bench if to connect them to the furnace special air ducts.

But benches from clay are even more picturesque. This option labor-consuming, but deserves special attention.