The Best Brackets To Organize Your Bookshelves

Timberframed swingset from scratch

For convenience of work it is possible to use the scheme.

At production of a block it is required to observe the accuracy of the sizes of an opening into which the bar will be inserted. For fixing the wedge is provided. It is inserted from above, fixes working body in the necessary situation.

Connection by such thorn is twice weaker than connection by a thorn of the size, identical with it, but with rectangular cheeks as the surface of pasting turns out twice less.

Spiked connection becomes strong only after pasting. Than the area of pasting is more, that connection is stronger. Therefore it is necessary to choose for knitting a thorn with perhaps bigger surface of contact with walls of a nest or an eye.

The smallest detail is turned from a thin board. Processing is carried out on fibers for preservation of durability of a wedge. Cut out a paper template, on it turn a detail.

For production use wood of strong breeds that the product kept characteristics more long.

The sizes when processing wood preparation observe for receiving reliable and rigid connection.

Strong pasting is possible only at dense adjustment of the stuck together surfaces. Therefore the thorn has to enter a nest or an eye densely.

The thick layer of glue reduces the connection durability as when drying in it there are cracks, and when moistening it inflates. Pasting durability in both cases decreases.

The Reysmusovy measuring instrument is simple in production, but it is required to observe the amount of preparation. In the similar way it is possible to create also other kinds of the adaptation.

The more densely it is viscous, the glue layer in thorn adjunction places to walls of a nest is less and the connection is stronger.

For convenience of cutting do a paper template, paste it to preparation. On it cut out shape of a block. Then process edges. The opening is turned a chisel and files of a different form. Constantly verify the sizes control tools. The top part of a window has to be same slanted, as well as at a bar.