Simple DIY Lounge Sofa Made With Ecosa

A total beginner's guide to use a router freehand How to build a wooden box with lights

2. Preparations for legs and holders of a back of 0,9*0,15 meters in size and 3,5-4 cm thick;

3. Preparations of forward legs of 0,36*0,15 meters in size and 3,5-4 cm thick;

4. Wooden brusa of 4*4 cm in size as strengthening of a design;

1. Wooden boards 1,5 meters long, 3,5-4 cm thick. One preparation for a seat and two for a back;

Council: For giving to a bench of beautiful gloss it is necessary to polish well it and to varnish any time.

Step 3. Assembly of legs. Forward and back legs are at distance 0,28 meters. They are fastened with the bar which is cut out on bench width on 0,5 meters. We recommend to tie two times – from above and from below.

Step 5. It is required to strengthen a bench design. For increase of durability of a shop do the lower binding on legs by means of brus. Two preparations 1,5 meters long are attached to bench legs. It is also possible to use the additional cross-piece connecting to the lower brusa of a binding.

The bench from a wooden bar made the hands will introduce a cosiness to any yard, will give modern style and a peculiar identity.

Step 4. Two sidewalls connect boards for sitting. They are fastened by self-tapping screws to the top bar of a binding. Leave equal gaps on 1-2 cm for passing of air and elimination of moisture.