Simple DIY Lounge Sofa Made With A Jigsaw

Diy platform bed with ecosa Bending plywood to woodworking

For a table it will be necessary to make six legs with obligatory adjustment. Except legs, enter a design the table-top fitted by cloth, an underframe which gathers from soft wood and a board from a dense tree.

To choose production option not to us therefore we will pass at once to business, and the first that it is necessary — to pick up the correct materials.

Thus it is necessary to watch that the surface was ideal, differently construction of a table will lose meaning.

The table-top is, as a rule, made of marble, granite, and more often and most expensively apply an ardeziya. It is a slate mineral which is got in certain fields.

Having learned to do billiard tables by the hands, it is possible to receive not simply a qualitative and correct table at home but if incurs, it can turn into quite good business.

Further the design gathers not more difficult, than a usual table and if all accessories are picked up and all stolyarka is executed precisely and strongly, for all works no more than ten days, including varnishing can leave.

There is not a lot of work and it does not differ in special complexity, and the demand is always. The main thing — to know some nuances of production.

Wood. Soft breed, for example, a pine will be suitable for production of an underframe. But for boards and legs it is necessary to use only heavy and strong breeds — an oak, a larch, a beech, a hornbeam. In total no more than 0,3 cubes of well dried wood have to leave.