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10 how to build a plywood workbench 7 tips for less than $100

If the facade used by you already has openings under loops – you can pass this stage. In our example of an opening are absent therefore they should be marked and drilled.

Rassverlite preliminary openings to the necessary diameter having a little deepened them. It is enough to make openings 1-2 mm deeper — so you will be able to pull together elements with higher quality. The small increase in depth is also necessary when using glue structure as the additional fixing factor.

When using for tightening of euroscrews, on a surface of one of the interfaced elements (in our example – on a locker sidewall) it is necessary to execute through openings.

For definition of an arrangement of corners draw the axial lines corresponding to the lower bounds of shelves.

IMPORTANT: Carrying out drilling of openings of big diameter, do not forget to enclose under a facade rigid material in order to avoid a rupture of its face.

That the hat of the euroscrew appeared in one plane with an element surface (went deep into material), openings from twisting of euroscrews need to be razzenkovat on depth about 2-3 mm. The drill by diameter slightly big than diameter of a hat of the euroscrew (in our example diameter of a drill makes 10 mm) is for this purpose used.

It is expedient to carry out assembly of hinged furniture not only according to the principles of fixing of elements, but also considering a technique of fixing of all design on a wall. So you will be able to ensure more comfortable operating conditions (in particular if assembly and fixing is carried out alone).

Be not afraid to make a mistake at exposure of a gap, it can be corrected on 2-3 mm adjustment of reciprocal levels of loops subsequently.

Zasverlite of an opening under corners on the small depth (3-4 mm) a thin drill.