Routers For Father S Day

Nightstands from 2x4 lumber Wood ceiling design for the woodworking beginner

One of the most practical options when the bench is united with beds. To sit on such product, inhaling aroma and enjoying blossoming of plants, pleasantly and comfortably.

There are some options. Between two wooden boxes to put the ground board, or a little, connected among themselves and the bench with flower beds is ready. However, the tree which contacts to the soil will not serve long therefore wooden boxes can be replaced stone or concrete.

One more easy way to make a shop – to use for this purpose construction blocks and bars. Processed, they are easily inserted into openings of blocks.

The plastic bench easy, convenient in transportation and at the correct production can be quite strong, reliable and will decorate your garden.

Benches from a stone monumental, capital, powerful can be also executed according to absolutely different schemes, from the processed and polished stone or primitive with defects.

We do two more small turrets of the remained 12 boards and it is fixed them on already ready boxes support. Good boards we dim a sitting surface. We insert pots with flowers into boxes and the shop is ready.

Though the shop also looks primitively, and will hardly be able fully to decorate your territory, but it is simple performed by and perfectly will be suitable for rest, for example, on a kitchen garden or near water.

By means of the Bulgarian we cut off 3 identical preparations, 120 cm long. It will be sitting. We cut out 2 cross-pieces from a steel corner and we put perpendicular to preparations for sitting, we weld the welding machine, and to them it is attached 2 feet for future bench.