Router Bits For Wood Pallets

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Find the center of support and start attaching sitting boards from the lower party. During the work minimize gaps. Attach all boards of sitting. If you have a system of deaf openings, you could collect your sitting for a bench separately, and then attach.

Collect a bench frame, keeping support 1x2 flush with the top part. An easy way of realization – to turn everything and to hold support flush with the lower part.

Struts are attached in a similar way. Self-tapping screws and glue.

Final measurements: length 48", width of legs 17", width of the top part of a bench 9,5", and height 17,5".

If you are an expert or at you something turns out best of all to do, send us the lesson. And useful we publish the most interesting.

If you have available a system of deaf openings, you could attach extreme boards directly to sitting boards in a step 6. Otherwise, attach to legs.

The bench was developed under design of already existing table, but you can always change its sizes and use it as a coffee little table or a street bench.

Turn a bench and repeat steps 8-9 for the lower part of the basis.

9: Fasten 4 galvanized self-tapping screws 2" along the made mark, at the top skaymeyka and vertically to edges of a detail 15".

Attach plates on the ends to laying, as shown in drawing above. Use glue and self-tapping screws 2".

Fasten a bench frame to legs by means of glue and self-tapping screws 2 1/2".

If you are going to paint a bench, be the extremely careful not to allow glue to dry on a place of future painting as paint will not stick to these areas. Fill openings by means of a porozapolnitel on a tree, grind and paint as it is necessary for you.