Making Bedinge Chair No1 With Drawers

Make a wooden box with storage

For a start it is necessary to be defined, which things will store in a case. If they are heavy, then take a chipboard. If it is powders and household chemicals, it is in that case better to stop on plywood, its thickness will be enough for 1 cm.

The hinged case is much simpler in use and movement as it will hang only on expansion bolt shields. In case of need it is simple to remove and move it in other place.

If the purpose is only to hide pipes for esthetic reasons, then it is best of all to stop on dense plastic panels. After all here the main thing – durability that the blow did not break integrity. The fast way to check quality of plastic is to squeeze its corner: if it is rumpled, so not suitable option. Choose more qualitative and more expensive.

That the design well looked, take a chipboard, it can be pasted over with a film or somehow to decorate.

In advance prepare materials and tools. Among materials it is necessary to take:

In a five-storey apartment block bathrooms separate, but so small that there not that a locker is difficult to build, be developed difficultly. And even in that case it is necessary to manage to make a functional case.

What types of lockers really to make? They can be built-in or hinged. Let's consider the built-in.

Let's consider some simple designs of lockers which solve this problem.

Difficulty of such case is that it is difficult to remove and reinstall it in other place. Such design needs to be collected most.