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Woodworking how to assemble a queen bed frame Diy computer desk under $20

That the garden site was rather comfortable, it should be equipped correctly. An important component are garden benches.

At this level regions be ton plates will be located. From this mark measure fifteen more centimeters to the center of a board. The first boards will fasten here. From the turned-out marks we measure seventeen and a half centimeters — an interval between back boards. Further we measure on fifteen centimeters for two more boards. Between them there has to be an interval in five centimeters. All this can be considered on the drawing. Glue for a tree is applied on sites in fifteen centimeters.

After a preparatory work wood processing time approaches. That the bench made the hands with a back served long and decorated a site, it is necessary to process materials previously.

Between boards concrete plates are put, and into the drilled openings insert carving bars of M16 fifty five centimeters long. Them four pieces will be required. Fastening of bars is carried out by nuts and washers of M Twist them along with the different parties that the bench turned out equal.