Make A Wooden Safe To Make A Side Table

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Here capacity is more important than it: quantity of shelves, boxes, depth and volume. It can be rather high, especially if is intended for storage of bed linen. In a hall, say, such subject is absolutely necessary for gloves, mittens, footwear and different shoe accessories (brushes, creams, laces).

Sewing machines are issued, as a rule, in special cases. Foot are completed with bedside tables which in assembled form are used by hostesses as dressing or written tables. However such design often turns out bulky and inconvenient and not always fits into a free corner of a vasheykvartira. Happens and in a different way: the ordinary machine in a small small suitcase takes very few place, but it is simply impossible to use it — that a little table too low, too high, it is occupied, is small.

When designing a bedside table in a hall the hands it is necessary to consider some features. Pollick has to be between walls, and the cover, on the contrary, keeps within on sidewalls. It is better to make interfaces of details by means of the closed spiked connections. That a back wall it was not visible, it is also connected to lateral panels, but not to the top or lower plates of a bedside table. The back wall is carried out from DVP or plywood. Socle height — 8 — 10 cm. It is made of three details in the form of an incomplete rectangle, the open party to a wall. It is necessary to consider existence or lack of a plinth and, in case of need, sidewalls of a socle to make a little well.

The bedside table made by the hands with boxes can be painted, in this case all connections of details are carried out by means of nails or screws. Their heads utaplivatsya, and the arising openings zashpaklevyvatsya by window putty. Before coloring the surface needs to be ground an emery paper and then your bedside table will look beautifully and accurately. Other option of finishing — pasting by plywood, a special film "under a tree" or an interline interval.

Therefore before making a bedside table the hands of a chipboard think over all details and take care of that it was in harmony with surrounding furniture.