Make A Simple Outdoor Chair With Armrest

Bending plywood to make a solid cherry bookcase Wood ceiling design for first

Cut dies of identical thickness, using a fret saw or the Bulgarian;

To issue an interior from a tree the hands, it is possible to use the subjects of old furniture which are already existing at you. Decorated with dies of different breeds of a tree, it will get the second life and will perfectly fit in in an interior.

In an interior of a nursery beautiful panels from wooden saw cuts, executed in the form of the stylized butterflies, flowers or the whole fantastic landscape are pertinent.

to allocate a separate site of a wall and to issue it in the form of a panel.

The first option will be suitable not for each room – it will better fit in in an interior of the verandah, corridors stylized under a country of kitchen or a house bath. But for decoration of a separate site of a wall you can show all the imagination. It can be:

Thus it is possible to decorate a dresser, an old case, a table and other pieces of furniture.

Let's dry out well, then cover the processed surfaces with a colourless varnish.

For a decor of walls of a spacious corridor it is possible to take found in the wood the wooden snags processed by time and the nature. If to make of them saw cuts, having left one party untouched, you on one of walls will have exotic flowers, each of which will be unique on the natural beauty.

The main rule which should be observed – all work has to be carried out without haste, very accurately to gain the necessary effect: