Lift Top Coffee Table With Armrest

Cupboard designs for father's day

The bench will make a quite good set with a garden swing and a chair chaise lounge which drawings we brought to your attention earlier. Want to make such garden bench the hands? Let's consider our drawings in detail.

Now we start forming a bench framework. We fasten to each rack self-tapping screws three details: lower from whetstone 5×5sm, 40sm length fastens at height 14sm; average 5×10, 40sm length, at height 33sm; top 5×5, 42sm length (the end face adjoining a rack is cut off at an angle 8 °). All three details it is connected by vertical whetstone 5×5sm, 60sm height. During assembly surely we check quality of corners which have to be strict 90 °. At first we coat all connections with joiner's glue, and then we twist self-tapping screws.

Today we offer you a garden bench from a tree and not simple, and with an openwork back, convenient and beautiful.

Let's begin with the longest levels of an ornament. At first we fix in each of two squares on one diagonal which direction has to be identical. Diagonal whetstones it is cut off on a wedge with the parties at an angle 45 °. The edge of a wedge is sent strictly to a square corner.

Note: during production of a garden bench the hands, despite that on drawings and we specify all sizes and characteristics in the text, we recommend strongly to measure, check and correct actual data.

For an openwork ornament also we take whetstone 5×5sm, collecting, we glue and we twist self-tapping screws.

The skeleton is ready. Now the most important and interesting detail of this garden bench – an openwork back.

Despite that the bench is made of a bar in 5sm thickness, thanks to an intricate ornament of the back, it does not seem rough at all.

Seat of a bench it is made of a board 2,5×10, length 110sm. Between boards it is left small identical gaps. In total 4 boards will be required. In an extreme forward board we cut out grooves for forward legs.

Now both lateral parts of a garden bench need to be connected in a uniform design. For this purpose we take two boards 5×10, length 100sm. They fasten at height 40sm (an average crossbeam of a sidewall).