Kitchen Cabinet Design For Living Room

Simple DIY lounge sofa made with fingerprint lock

For a start prepare the top and lower supports as in figure 1A. They are necessary not to stick together did lamps, and guarantee durability of all design.

It is also necessary to make four levels which will serve as the connecting link between whetstones. You can look at their sizes on the scheme. When there are all details, it is possible to start assembly. To start a detail stick together in pairs then the tube is inserted, and the rack completely sticks together and the lower and top supports are fastened.

In this rack it is undesirable to use glue in large numbers as if details will squeeze out it, to remove it it will be very problematic.

Instead of plexiglas, you can make a frame of improvised materials, it can be a cloth, tulle, color paper and other materials. Such desk lamp will perfectly decorate your bedroom, and not only in classical style. If you a little dream up with a frame, it will well look and in the nursery as the child will have a lamp with his favourite heroes.

For a start to be necessary to make a framework, as these details most of all.

The most difficult details in a design of this lamp, it is lateral levels, their exact sizes you can look in drawing below. We advise to begin with them.

As material, can use any tree, but it is desirable strong breed, with it it is easier to work at such thin levels, and it stronger. Durability parameters too should be considered as during operation there can be different situations.

If you are not really strong in geometry, make a template, it is for this purpose rather simple to draw a square, and to carry out on it one diagonal and to cut it, the remained acute angle will be that is necessary for you.

Further to make the lamp you need to make the top frame, not more difficult to make it than a lateral framework.