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In each house always there have to be products from a tree made the hands or bought from the master. These magnificent subjects create the atmosphere of homeliness and family heat therefore never grow old. Besides, such things testify to fine taste of owners. A combination of grace and magnificence emphasize key idea of design. Of course, those who lives near the wood, do not have need to worry about deliveries of raw materials for joiner's works. Another matter if it needs to be bought, then it is necessary to know some features of materials. However processing, drawings and installation will interest all.

The favourite of many masters is the pine. It is a pleasure to work with it. It is suitable for creation of mini-lockers, doors, decorative elements and shelves. Nevertheless this wood possesses low shock-resistant properties and does not maintain strong mechanical loadings.

Competently picked up material – a half put. Now it is necessary to process correctly wooden details, and then to collect them in one design, being guided by drawings. A mold, decay and insects – ruthless wreckers even for heavy-duty monoliths. Therefore a surface ground boards/massif always it is necessary to process an anti-septic tank and antiperiny. As initial material it is also possible to take:

Generally they are suitable for production of facades because perfectly feel in the damp environment. Problems with such raw materials practically do not arise. Drawing on a cut and color turn out very beautiful. These forest products successfully will be suitable for creation of children's furniture from a tree.

It is necessary to choose a season of preparation of forest products correctly: end of fall or winter months. During this period of a plant are at rest, and moisture in them does not circulate.

If it is necessary to make furniture of the massif of a tree, then you should not neglect the main stages of preparation of a surface: