Jigsaw Fence To Pocket Hole Joinery

How to build an

During the work tsiklyu take two hands so that thumbs were on the middle of the side turned to itself. Put Tsiklya always at an angle and conduct in the direction of wood fibers. Use tsiklyu only for processing of an integral tree, plywood or an interline interval. Wood-shaving plates quickly rebate a cycle and leave on them jags. For processing of the puttied surfaces it is better to use an emery paper.

It is for this purpose better to use warm water (it is possible even hot, if a detail from an integral tree). Then it is necessary to wait when details completely dry. Small dents under the influence of water will disappear.

At details from an integral tree it is accepted to smooth saw cuts or to delete glue traces, to otshlifovyvat those places where chips broke away, or to smooth out the acting wood fibers the thinnest emery paper before the tree is covered with wood stain or a varnish. Even facing from the plywood or an interline interval having almost smooth, faultless surface can be varnished without preliminary grinding only as a last resort.

Whether you will do cleaning tsikly or some different way - anyway before to grind a surface of details from an integral tree or revetted with plywood or an interline interval, it needs to be humidified.

Take care of that the room in which you work, was dry, easy and not too cool. So you will create ideal conditions for work. It is more convenient to put a primer with a soft flat brush.

When the detail is ready, its surface should be ground carefully.