Jigsaw Fence To Finish

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If we are going to make installation of gypsum cardboard on a ceiling, then it is necessary on perimeter of our future ceiling

We saw off wide boards by the size of length and width of a frame and we fix on perimeter of the parties self-tapping screws for gypsum cardboard. For the top berth it is possible to use wider.

Drill openings in a wall and fix the top part. Similarly fix also the lower.

Drill openings in collected frames for fastening to a wall.

Various objects on production, first of all the furnace, at operation can heat up considerably, being that

Previously drill an opening in the top collected frame for fastening to a foot. Then drill an opening in a foot at berth height.

Measure the distance, necessary on height, at 10 cm of whetstones and fasten with screws to each other, as shown in the image.

The bunk bed made by the hands has to be not only strong and convenient, but also beautiful. Therefore grind visible parts and varnish, and it for a long time will keep the appearance.

For this children's bunk bed we use one foot as it will fasten in a corner on two adjacent walls.