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30 DIY wood project for under $50 Cheap and easy DIY bench for father's day

Owners of ancient wooden dressers with rich texture should think several times before closing similar beauty. It is better to cover such subjects with the thin, diluted layer, without hiding luxury of old times.

The image is applied on the naked prepared surface or in advance painted background. It is possible to create equal lines, having taken an adhesive tape which will help to draw a clear boundary.

The similar decor will well fit into modern design, especially, if to use simple forms. With paint and a cliche it is possible to turn an ordinary-looking old case into bright accent of the room.

It is possible to apply to a decor of an old case also fabric, and scraps — will be suitable for creation of a peculiar kraftovy look even. To sheathe a subject completely it will not turn out, especially, if it does not possess an equal surface. And here to close some details, placing bright emphases — the excellent decision.

As the main material it is possible to use also newspapers, letters, tram tickets — generally everything that will well look on your furniture.

However, the vintage ornament will look very pertinently in combination with texture of an ancient tree. Wall-paper can be entered practically in any interior as they offer wide visual variability: not only flowers, drawings, but also and the invoice of surfaces as happen opaque, glossy or relief. It is possible to decorate doors, lateral faces, even internal racks.

Each type of fabric possesses the invoice: smooth silk for a refined interior or rough flax for Provence. In this property its advantage before other materials, not to mention the rich range of coloring is covered.

Of course, such type of a decor badly hides subject surface shortcomings therefore the last needs to be prepared previously. Usually, for this purpose it is enough small work with an emery paper. But as a result you receive absolutely new case!

The best type of paint for such works on the right is considered acrylic: it mixes well up, washed away, in case of mistakes in operating time, and does not leave pungent smells. Acrylic soil is combined with it.