How To Use A Planer For Bedrooms

Cupboard designs for home

to path, experiment materials and ways of finishing. Notice, same

- never be afraid of the seeming difficulties, know, it is rather simple to make a table the hands;

the product when finishing by different materials differs cardinally.

- apply various materials to finishing of finished products. Do not go on one blazed

We will restore a kitchen table taking into account these flowers. For this purpose:

And then you will become the real master of the business.

For an example we will take an old kitchen table with fine-molded legs which was made last century. To turn it in new, modern which on design will fit into new kitchen, not so difficult.

- do not miss an opportunity to learn something new, it is extremely useful;

- be always dissatisfied with the product, we will tell more softly, are not satisfied, try the following (even, perhaps, same) to make a product better and more qualitative than the previous;

In our example the kitchen and kitchen set have three primary colors – blue, gray and white.

Strengthening of connections of a tsarga and leg of a table can be made the simple, but reliable ways shown in figure 3. In a table leg in the location of a thorn of a tsarga zasverlivay a self-tapping screw opening with a diameter of 3/4 diameters, we fill with joiner's glue and we wrap the self-tapping screw. The squeezed-out glue is wiped. More preferably, for repair to use wooden chopik from strong wood (a larch, a birch). For them zasverlivay to the equal diameter of a chopik, opening we fill openings on diameter with glue and we hammer chipik which have to enter densely, but not with effort.

Without offending the reading master, I want to tell that I know many quite good masters of joiner's business who, unfortunately, ruin the joiner's extraordinary products in the course of finishing, use for finishing of wooden products a limited range of opportunities, the standard ways of painting by wood stain, drying oil and oil paints or varnishes. The limited set of opportunities does all subjects of different masters similar at each other, and it is not good.