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And, if your apartment is issued in any modern style, to make on a balcony a case of metalplastic – quite logically. At the price it will not leave too expensive and it will serve you long time.

Let's sort each of them in detail and we will find out all pluses and minuses of each option.

Look at some types of wooden cases on a balcony and estimate as fine they fit into an interior, giving special color and a cosiness.

By the way, it will strongly be ruined on building material to you all the same it is not necessary, as balcony cases, as a rule, very small size.

It does not need to be smoothed out in addition that too is big plus. It is only necessary to cover a ready case with wood stain or paint. Wooden cases of a natural look, and here examples of a colored tree are one photo higher.

We mean plastic panels. Them often sheathe a balcony from within and do cases in tone. It looks approximately so.

In spite of the fact that plastic moisture resistant, it is suitable for a balcony not strongly. Why?

How the balcony, all the same this room of the increased humidity was warmed. Means and material for production of a case needs to be selected taking into account this factor.

It is possible to buy separate elements for such case (a door, the shelf) in construction supermarkets.

If at you this corner of the house reminds a dump unnecessary, came to build time a case on a balcony, and and as it is beautiful to make it the hands – we will tell a photo in an interior further. Also we will show more than 50 interesting ideas and we will give schemes almost to each of them.

Not to tell that is very good, but also it is not absolutely ugly. But, put here not only how such case externally looks. Matter in impracticality.

In fact, it is the same material of which do windows. That is, he is not afraid of anything absolutely: neither bright sun, nor heat, neither cold, nor moisture, blows.

Tree, undoubtedly, the best choice. Let the good board also cost expensive, but the product will be qualitative, strong and durable.

Therefore, we to you would not recommend to choose this material.

Pay attention that the presented options are made of lining. It costs not so much and assembly comes out fast.