How To Build DIY Accent Wall For Moving

Garden bench build with hidden wireless charging

At a choice of a certain oil it is always necessary to consider wood breed. To define how the surface covered with oil will look, it is necessary to hold testing on a small piece.

For impregnation of wooden surfaces indoors add wax to oil. It increases water-repellent and antistatic properties of a surface and accelerates process of hardening of oil structure.

For improvement of this or that characteristic of oil, add various components to it. For example, for increase in absorbency of tung oil, it is diluted for 40% with white spirit.

If there is a wish to give to the house color, unnatural for a tree (red, green, blue), add oil paints or casein and oil distemper to impregnation. It is also possible to dilute oil with gouache, but in this case mixing needs to be made hot to remove excess liquid from paint.

Oil - such product with which to work most is rather difficult. The slightest violation of technology and any inaccuracy are reflected at once in quality of painting. All works have to be performed with limit accuracy, especially so far as concerns transparent structure. Ideal smoothness of polishing, an equal surface, lack of defects – indispensable conditions for receiving a beautiful and qualitative covering.