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Therefore diesel fuel it is necessary to treat spraying of fruit-trees very responsibly, and the main thing, to apply mix at the right time. If it is Vesta, such fruit plantings as apple-trees, pears, plums have to be processed not only before formation of leaves, but it is desirable to gemmation, and during the autumn period it is better to wait for full subsidence of foliage after the first frosts.

But if to hurry and apply this means of such high concentration, leaves can get burns and, as a result, will fall down before the put term, having given short an orchard of nutrients for the winter that can reduce their resistance to frosts.

It is possible to do spraying of trees by a carbamide as the first care of apple-trees, plums and pears in a week after blossoming, or as the last preparation of derevets for winter quarters. Of course, each such processing will demand the special concentration and will allow to achieve in passing the additional effect rescuing future crop.

Autumn spraying of trees urea, so called a carbamide earlier, it is possible to carry out when from branches about 40-50% of foliage were showered. In that case concentration of solution has to be higher, than during blossoming, but it is less than 500 g on 10 liters. Or, having waited for full subsidence of foliage, it is possible to apply solutions of more concentrated urea ― 7-10%, preparing a garden for future season and spraying not only trunks and branches, but also the earth, using a preparation at once in two purposes: as fungicide and as fertilizer.