How To Build An A Frame For Our Move Efficiently

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Of course, from the first time everything will hardly turn out ideally to make. Therefore for a start it is possible to execute a wooden case for giving, and then, having got the hand, to make furniture for the main housing. Thus you will be sure that it is made qualitatively, of environmentally friendly materials.

Pay attention! Thickness of the material used for a case has to be not less than 15 mm, otherwise the design will turn out not rigid. However, if the small design is planned, for example, a wooden locker for keys, it is possible to use material 10 mm thick.

It is desirable to solve at once at this stage where the case will settle down. It will allow to decide on the sizes and it is ideal to enter a product in the place which is taken away under it.

Council! To get the hand, it is possible to make a wooden case for bread (bread box) as it is the smallest and simple design in the beginning.

For production of cases, as a rule, use the following materials:

Besides, it is necessary to think over what exactly will be stored in a case correctly to distribute in it shelves or boxes. In general the furniture should be done such that it as much as possible met your requirements.

Below as an example we will consider how to make a wooden case the hands.

Plates of plywood or board will be necessary for production of such case. The last need previously to be stuck together to receive the massif of sufficient width. For this purpose it is possible to use epoxy or joiner's glue.

As an example we will consider how to make a wooden case for documents with the lock. Such furniture is excellent option for a study.