How To Build A Wooden Chairs For First

10 how to make a kneeling chair

layers dry quicker, and inside wood long remains damp that leads to bends and strong cracking of a surface. To provide uniformity of drying, in thick logs, and sometimes and in a bar, do deep pro-saws on all length. Because of difficult preparation forest products more than 0,25 m thick use seldom.

If humidity of material does not exceed standard, a break on shrinkage of the house (0,06-0,08 m by 3 m of height for some years) it is possible not to do. To level its influence, provide compensators jacks (the host has to examine and tighten up periodically them), apertures mount on upsetting levels. For prevention of blowing off of walls joints between wreaths sometimes make out from the external and internal parties jute, the linen bechevy. Further disclosure of small cracks in logs is not excluded (that does not influence durability). Factory construction is favorable - it provides the project, professional assembly and a guarantee of the producer.

In the house from a bar the wall has the constant section therefore at an identical thickness and diameter of materials such cottage will be warmer, than from a log. Profiling also increases heat-shielding qualities of a wall, doing twisting the cold bridge between wreaths. But nevertheless actions for additional warming should be executed;

In each of types of houses the main qualities of modern comfortable housing - energy efficiency, durability, environmental friendliness can be provided. However for this purpose use various receptions.

(at its production use artificially dried up lamels).

That the wooden wall on resistance to a heat transfer corresponded to modern standards, it has to be 0,35-0,4 m thick on all section and not have cracks. Any type of a wooden wall in total does not possess these qualities. But there are opportunities to make the house warm.

The house is built by means of the manual tool, being guided by traditional methods therefore work takes more time in comparison with construction of other, more technological types of buildings. In the course of installation arises many nuances connected with a non-standard and the increased humidity of material.