How To Build A Wooden Box With Lights

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Now level the top part of a bench that sves was equal. Reliably fix the top part and check ledges twice to be convinced that moved nothing. Drill two openings aligned on each foot, and five evenly carried openings along each edge in crossbeams.

Step 3: Attach the top lateral crossbeams to the shelf.

Begin with fastening of feet to internal sides of crossbeams.

Make control tags to level the top part of a bench. Apply glue on stretchers and feet along a place of their connection. their pairings. Level the top part of a bench and fix screws.

Simple and convenient street bench for a porch, it is possible to tell, classical option. Agree, on a porch looks very attractively.

Draw lines on outer side of each stretcher to note axial lines where feet will fasten. Drill two secret through openings equidistanted along each line. Apply glue on legs. Combine them with lines and fix crossbeams

That's all the bench is ready! Make beautiful top, having painted seats different colors. If the shop stands on the street, do not forget to use impregnation and sealant. Especially carefully it is necessary to process legs if they adjoin to soil.

Further assembly of a bench will go easily if you correctly sawed all details.

Here still just the same design of a bench from boards, cuts on legs only differ.