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The senior generation remembers how squares and parks were the filled similar shops. To make such bench will not make special work.

It is possible to give still a set of examples how to make a garden bench the hands. It can be shops from a natural stone, on brick columns and even from bottles. Everything depends on the imagination, taste and opportunities of the owner of a personal plot.

Otherwise material is called a kraft paper. It is especially strong tare paper of which do bags and boxes for loose goods. Collected in an accordion, the corrugated cardboard is bent easily. Therefore benches can be oval, rectangular and even ring in the plan.

Basis of a bench is the framework from a metalprofile. Apply timber to sitting and a back.

The metal framework can serve not one decade, having changed repeatedly wooden details. The framework needs to be painted regularly, without allowing metal corrosion.

Such a retro style will give to a garden the highlight. Benches of this kind do not demand special leaving. It will be periodically necessary to update the painted bar only.