Hot To Assemble Pipe Clamps

Where to make two chairs from one sheet How to use a planer for a screw

Sidewalls have to act above over the basis on 1sm. It is necessary for this purpose,

The following stage we take 2 sidewalls of the basis length 74sm.

buys the furniture boards and other materials easier and more eco-friendly.

the cross. Distance between cross whetstones near 15,8sm.

In front and behind we sew up a back with sheets of plywood the sizes 130sm×60sm.

We start doing a children's bed from its basis, which

The basis is ready. To affairs back of a children's bed. On ours

On a back it is possible not to try to hide all details of fastening. Further we also

length 130sm and 7 details long 64sm. Long – longitudinal, short –

legs – lobbies. Also from whetstone 5sm×5sm. We fasten them to the basis

material. Wish to make such to the boy? Simply take the color of an upholstery.

to sleep at night, but also to sit in the afternoon. For a framework of a back we take the 2 whetstones 5sm×5sm long

the furniture is cheaper, someone does not want to buy beds, cases and other of a chipboard,

We wrap them in foam rubber, then we fit obivochny fabric. A seam it is necessary

will represent a frame from a bar 5×5. For what 2 details will be necessary

process and that the furniture is made the hands, someone considers that the self-made

to idea an ottoman we will have a soft high back, on it it will be convenient not only

to try to arrange so that he was covered then with basis details.

Height of legs of a children's bed 23sm. We do so far only two

120sm and below board 15×5 length 120sm. We receive here such framework:

It doesn't matter. Important that if you came here, plan it – to make

We close lateral end faces of a back from both parties a board 6×2,5.

We fix a back to the basis and we receive here such bed.

74sm are backs will be resistant. Between them whetstone 5sm×5sm is fixed by length above