Garden Bench Build With Fingerprint Lock

5 table saw tips for the beginning diyer

All large parts (table, shops) gather separately, and then gather in a whole by means of 4 lower whetstones – on 2 from each party.

The garden set for rest by all family consists of a convenient little table and two recorded benches.

For a change it is possible to change color, to pick up the shade closer to country constructions. A back of such bench – the real find for fans to dream up and embody the ideas in wood. Direct vertical whetstones can be replaced with the levels located cross-wise.

This option more thorough, than previous. The bench with a rectangular seat and the same back perfectly looks against the house built of any material – a tree, a brick, a stone.

Simple in appearance, but the convenient little table will become a place of collecting a family and friends in the evenings – for communication, evening tea drinking, rest.

Shops gather easily, from whetstones or boards of various length.

Have a nice day. It is possible to catch also to us 2 and the 3rd projects in drawings or other details.

Elegantly and elegantly shod products look, but only the professional smith can create a bench for a garden the hands from metal.