Fine Woodworking With Power Tools Storage

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However in most cases house owners reasonably prefer to buy a tree for an interior, having chosen material from among of breeds, more habitual for us, such as an oak, a larch, a pine etc. This wood is equally good for a decor, furniture, ladders and other. It is easy to correct esthetic nuances varnishes, wood stains and other means.

Looking through a tree in an interior on a photo, it is necessary to pay attention to surroundings – a fabric decor, lamps, ware. These details have to correspond to the general plan and not overload a situation, differently the tree in an interior of the apartment will seem an alien subject. Considering the considerable cost of this material and the related finishing works, application of a natural tree in an interior has to be a consequence of the thought-over actions:

to appearance of the room of it it is not felt. By the way, imitating materials practically have no alternative when in an interior it is necessary to create elements under mahogany or other exotic wood.

To execute an interior under a tree with use of the modern materials imitating wood much more simply and the cheapest way. It can be wall-paper, a ceramic tile, panels (lining) from plastic.

opportunities will become for you equally unpleasant facts. If you do not have enough money for rich finishing from expensive timber, it is possible to use in an interior cross and longitudinal saw cuts of a tree from a bar, kruglyashy, a gonta.

To make it it is independent, without involvement of experts, it will be very difficult. Besides, it is difficult to correct the errors made at a preparatory stage. For example, you will not be able to change just like that color of a tree in an interior. Besides, the estimate of expenses can become a big surprise. Incorrect estimation of cost of the project and revaluation of the

At selection of qualitative materials you receive worthy result. This interior under a tree on fo that is executed without use of natural wood, but on