Fine Woodworking With Led Lighting

Garden bench build with lid

To create a seat, it is enough to saw a tree trunk lengthways. It is possible to make it exactly in the middle (in diameter zone) or having displaced a saw is closer to edge (in a zone of average diameter). The back is made of a tree trunk with smaller thickness or you can execute a cut closer to regional part. As a result this element has to be thinner and it is easier, than a seat detail.

As support it is possible to use flowerpots with dwarfish trees or decorative bushes. The only, but very important requirement – capacity has to be very strong. In a seat the opening in a flowerpot form in that place where usually there are legs of benches is cut out. The size of an opening has to be sufficient to create conditions for growth of a plant and care of it, however, thus it should not exceed the capacity size. In fact, the seat from boards is located over flowerpots and is fixed at the expense of gravity and the weight of the sitting.

To recover a design of a simple shop, it is optional to think out the difficult drawing and to puzzle over creation of additional accessories for a garden. It is enough to use two wooden boxes and several boards.