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It is necessary to consider that the chipboard badly absorbs paint as the furniture is covered with the water-repellent laminated layer.

With what paint to paint? The acrylic moisture-proof structure or alkyd enamel will approach. Effectively the updated case with glossy gloss looks.

Similarly paint wardrobes, dressers, bedside tables, but for them it is optional to use water-repellent paint – it is possible to apply oil, acrylic and alkidny structures to internal works.

To give to an old case an unusual look, use not only coloring, but also an upholstery fabric, a decoupage, vinyl stickers, a stained glass film and other technicians of dressing. In what cases they can be applied to restore an old case the hands:

If the received color on a saturation and brightness does not correspond to a desirable shade, a product paint once again. Use of white color is suitable for any interior of kitchen. The furniture is collected, using new fasteners and decorative accessories (handles, railings, moldings).

For exclusive work it is possible to use not full painting, but a dot list – apply with a marker a pattern on furniture facades and trace drawing acrylic paint.

If when dismantling a case there were difficulties with unscrewing of fixture, on screws it is possible to drip a little oil. And still it is possible to grease doors that those did not creak.

On video: the detailed instruction on updating of an old case from a chipboard.

Kitchen – the damp and often used room. The furniture in this room is subject to influence of temperature, steam, moisture and mechanical influence therefore kitchen cases lose an original form, than furniture for a drawing room or a bedroom rather. It is possible to restore an old case in kitchen by means of painting or finishing of products a rotangovy cloth.

Besides, if the condition of fasteners of a case unsatisfactory, is recommended to replace accessories and in addition to strengthen it. How to paint an old case from a chipboard:

The furniture made of wood-shaving plates loses the attractiveness over time, as if carefully her did not exploit. To return to products beautiful appearance and to bring fresh paints in an interior it is possible by means of coloring of old cases from a chipboard.