Finding The Correct Drill Bit For Wood Working

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To pick up a product of the size, suitable to a landscape, and colors not easy. Especially as such functionality will increase also the cost of a product which quicker and more favourably to make the hands. For this purpose follows:

If on each side benches to arrange boxes, they can be used as flowerpots. For this purpose the earth is inside filled up, and ornamental plants land. Not bad also the asymmetric option looks – when on the one hand there is an improvised mini-bed which is built in a bench, and on the other hand the usual support settles down.

Details of garden furniture with a carving will be suitable for the landscape executed in the Moroccan stylistics for which natural materials and roundish forms are characteristic. Bamboo elements are perfectly combined with the Chinese style of a site. And low double benches – with Japanese stylistics of a garden and the house.

Boards 120-140 cm long will be necessary for production of the simplest benches with a back from a tree the hands and not less than 30 mm thick. It is quite enough such sizes for placement of two people. Also 2 columns will be necessary for a back not less than 40 cm long and two more – for support on which boards will be laid. Diameter of basic elements can be any, but about 65-75 cm Besides, will be optimum option boards will be necessary for a back which length corresponds to log parameters for a seat, drank (electric or a petrolsaw), a drill and 12 self-tapping screws 10-15 cm long.