Excellent Building Bedroom Floor With Ecosa

Fine woodworking with led lighting

The described option represents a usual country bench which acts as functional option, than a decorative element rather.

Step 2. We level corners between racks and whetstones so that on a bench was comfortable to sit subsequently.

Benches for a garden traditionally share on some categories. The site acts as criterion for division.

Step 2. We grind boards so that on them did not remain jags, agnails and other defects.

Step 8. We process wood special enamel or it is delicious.

Step 1. We dig out two holes, we level them on depth.

It is a folding design which differs in small weight. Thus the problem of transfer of a bench from one place on another is considerably facilitated: during the summer period – in a shadow, in the fall or in the spring – in solar places. Optimum material – plastic.

Step 4. We put 6 pieces aside for further construction of a turret.

There is a set of different types of wooden benches. We will consider a little from them.

Can actually settle down in any place of a country site. As a basis plastic as it differs in the small weight and simplicity in leaving is usually used.

Step 3. We cut out 46 pieces of identical length (approximately on 50 centimeters).

It is very beautiful and simple design which does not take a lot of place, but promotes pleasant leisure.

Step 12. We take long boards and we dim them future place for sitting.

We will consider the production technology of the simplest country bench without back. On assembly of a bench only some hours leave. As a basis of this design the profile pipe acts.